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We Provide Strong Criminal Defense Services in Stockton and Throughout Central California

Few things are more stressful, unnerving, and frightening than being arrested and charged with a crime. The entire thing can feel like a whirlwind—things can move very quickly. A conviction on a misdemeanor or felony charge could cost you money, your reputation, and even your freedom. You cannot rely on law enforcement officers or prosecutors for guidance. You need a skilled California criminal defense attorney in your corner.


At Carrillo Law Center, our Stockton criminal defense lawyer provides aggressive, trustworthy legal representation to clients. Your rights matter. If you or your family member was arrested and charged with a state or federal criminal offense, we are more than ready to help. To set up a strictly confidential case evaluation with a dedicated California criminal defense attorney, please call our Stockton office at (209) 900-2100 or get in touch with us online.


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A Full Service Criminal Defense Firm Providing Aggressive Representation in Stockton

With a vast range of experience representing people facing state and federal criminal charges, our Stockton, CA defense lawyers are ready to fight for your rights. At Carrillo Law Center, our criminal defense attorneys have more than three decades of combined trial experience. We always take a proactive approach, focused first on preventing charges from being filed, then on getting charges dropped, and finally on raising a defense. With a commitment to personalized representation in criminal defense cases, we are here to secure your future. Along with other types of criminal charges, our defense lawyers have the skills and experience to handle a wide array of misdemeanor and felony cases, including:


  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI): California takes intoxicated driving seriously. A drunk driving charge could cost you a lot of money, your license, and even your job. We can help you fight the DUI arrest. If you were charged with drunk driving in San Joaquin County, contact our Stockton DUI defense lawyers for immediate assistance with your case.

  • Criminal Traffic Violations: A DUI is not the only criminal traffic violation. As an example, reckless driving can be charged as a criminal offense in California. If you were cited for a criminal traffic offense, call our defense lawyers for immediate help.

  • Vehicular Assault/Manslaughter: Being involved in a catastrophic or fatal accident is traumatizing. The situation is made all the more difficult if law enforcement and prosecutors allege that your criminal recklessness or criminal negligence caused the accident. If you were charged with vehicular assault or vehicular manslaughter in California, contact our law firm for immediate help.

  • Theft: Depending on the amount that was allegedly stolen, theft can be charged as either a misdemeanor offense or a felony offense in California. Either way, it is a big deal. Do not assume that a theft charge will go away on its own. It could result in jail time. Call our Stockton, CA theft crimes defense attorneys now for help with your case.

  • Juvenile Offenses: It is no surprise that young people—especially those in their teens—can get themselves into trouble. We do not want a youthful mistake to harm your child’s future. California’s juvenile justice system offers some additional opportunities for young people. However, it can be difficult to navigate the procedures. If your child or underage loved one was arrested, call a juvenile defense lawyer in Central California right away. We will protect their future.

  • Armed Robbery: Armed robbery is a serious criminal offense. Under California Penal Code § 211, it is defined as the “taking of personal property in the possession of another” through the use of “force or fear.” A conviction for armed robbery can result in significant jail time. If you're facing a robbery charge, contact our Stockon robbery defense lawyer today.

  • Burglary: Under California Penal Code § 459, a person can be charged with a burglary offense if they enter a home, business, or a locked vehicle with the intention to commit theft or a felony offense. If you or your loved one is facing burglary charges in San Joaquin County, contact our Stockton burglary defense lawyers for immediate help.

  • Domestic Violence and Assault: Domestic violence accusations are emotional. If you are facing a charge for domestic battery or domestic assault, it is imperative that you handle the matter through a Stockton domestic violence defense lawyer. We will protect your rights, including your family law rights.

  • Assault: Assault is a sometimes misunderstood criminal charge. Under California Penal Code § 240, simple assault is a misdemeanor offense that can carry jail time. Though, taken together the charges of “assault and battery” could be a felony.

  • Computer Crimes: We have the skills and professional experience to defend clients facing all types of computer crimes charges, including hacking, financial & fraud offenses, and computer sex crimes charges. As a computer crime could be a federal offense, you need a skilled attorney on your side.

  • Drug Crimes: Our law firm defends people in Central California who are facing state and federal drug crimes charges, including drug possession charges, drug trafficking charges, and drug manufacturing charges. No matter the circumstances of your situation, we are ready to help you find the best way forward.

  • Embezzlement/Extortion: Embezzlement and extortion are white collar offenses that are often “employee-crimes.” Depending on the precise allegations, these charges can result in serious felony criminal penalties.

  • Financial Crimes and Fraud: With the professional skills and legal knowledge to defend people facing the full range of white collar criminal offenses, our Stockton, CA defense lawyer represents clients facing financial crimes and fraud charges. We are ready to get started on your case right away. If you are being investigated, you should call a lawyer before charges are filed.

  • Arson: Under California Penal Code § 451, a person can be charged with arson if they willfully and maliciously set fire to a property, a structure, or land. It is a felony offense. Call our California arson defense attorney to set up a confidential consultation.

  • Homicide: There are no more serious cases than those involving a death. If you or your loved one is facing homicide charges in California, whether for murder or manslaughter, you need a strong attorney in your corner. We will protect your rights. Call our Stockon, CA homicide defense lawyers for a confidential consultation.

  • Sexual Assault and Other Sex Crimes: Perhaps no criminal offenses carries a deeper stigma with it than a sex crimes charge. You have the right to defend yourself against these types of allegations. If you were arrested for sexual assault or any other sex-based offense in Central California, you need professional representation. Contact our Stockton sexual assault defense attorney for confidential legal guidance and support.

We Have Experience Defending Federal Criminal Charges

For a number of reasons, federal criminal cases tend to be especially complex. Not only do federal prosecutors have immense resources at their disposal, but federal law enforcement agencies may be supporting in the case. If you or your loved one was arrested for a federal offense, you need a qualified defense attorney on your side. At Carrillo Law Center, our criminal defense law firm has experience handling a wide range of federal charges in California. We will protect your rights.


Protect Your Rights: Three Steps to Take If You or a Loved One is Arrested

As facing a criminal charge is one of the most stressful things that any person can deal with, it is easy to make mistakes. At Carrillo Law Center, our defense team wants to make sure that you have all of the knowledge and information that you need to protect yourself. Here are three things that you should do after an arrest in San Joaquin County, California:


  1. Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent: Under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, no person can be compelled to testify against themselves in a criminal matter. You have the right to remain silent—both while in police custody and while on trial facing criminal charges. You should always exercise your rights to remain silent following an arrest. The Stockton Police Department, the San Joaquin Sheriff's Office, the California State Police, and other law enforcement agencies are adept in trying to get people talking as much as possible. It is an investigative technique. They will use your words against you. It is in your best interest to remain silent.

  2. Know the Charge, Know the Stakes: If you, your child, or your family member was arrested, you will want to make sure you confirm the exact charge that is being levied. Only when you know the precise charge will you be in a position to build a defense strategy. Additionally, you will be able to determine the potential criminal penalties if the prosecution is able to obtain a conviction. 

  3. Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer: The criminal justice system is highly complicated. It is generally not a good idea to try to go up against state or federal prosecutors on your own. Unfortunately, in many ways, the system is tilted to their advantage. You and your family have too much on the line. Protect yourself by consulting with an experienced Stockton, CA criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer will be able to carefully evaluate the charges and the circumstances to determine the best course of action.


The Burden of Proof is on the Prosecution

One of the core principles of the American criminal justice system is that the burden of proof is on the state. The prosecution has an obligation to prove every element of the criminal charge it is pursuing beyond a reasonable doubt. With the skills and tenacity to get false and unsupported charges thrown out of court, our Stockton, CA criminal defense trial attorneys are ready to carefully review the case against you.


We approach every case ready to mount an aggressive defense. If the prosecution cannot provide enough evidence to meet its burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, then our criminal defense law firm will fight to get the charges dropped. Alternatively, if the prosecution has adequate evidence, our criminal defense attorneys are also skilled in negotiating favorable plea agreements, finding ways to get charges reduced and keep our clients out of jail. 

You Can Rely On the Stockton Criminal Defense Lawyers at Carrillo Law Center

If you are facing criminal charges, you have a lot at stake. You probably have a lot of questions about the possible criminal penalties, defense strategies, and exactly what happens next. At Carrillo Law Center, we are here to walk you through every stage of the legal process. Among other things, our criminal defense lawyer in San Joaquin County is prepared to:


  • Listen to your story and explain the criminal charges;

  • Review the arrest to ensure your rights were respected;

  • Investigate the matter—securing any and all exonerating evidence; 

  • Help you evaluate options for a plea agreement and reduced penalties; and

  • Build a personal defense strategy focused on securing your future.


We firmly believe that every defendant deserves personalized guidance and support from their Stockton criminal law attorney. The simple reality is that the defense strategy that works for someone else might not be the best path forward in your case. Our criminal defense team is ready to take your case as far as it needs to go to protect your rights and get you the best outcome. 

Contact Our Stockton, CA Criminal Defense Attorneys for Immediate Help

At Carrillo Law Center, our Stockton criminal defense lawyers are fiercely committed to the basic principle of justice that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. You deserve a chance to defend yourself. If you or your loved one was arrested, you need a strong advocate on your team. For a completely confidential criminal defense consultation, please call us at (209) 900-2100 or send us a message at With a legal office in Stockton, we represent clients throughout Central California, including in Modesto, Tracy, Livermore, Lodi, Elk Grove, Turlock, and Manteca.