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Best Way To Address An Attorney

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Just like any other profession, there is a protocol followed to properly address an attorney. At times, many people tend to not understand the protocol. This process seems to be unclear, even to the attorneys themselves.

Generally, people address an attorney just like they address other professionals. However, it is ideal to typically address a person by their qualification. This process involves people using formal titles such as "Esquire" to address qualified attorneys.

When writing to the attorney directly, consider using their professional capacity. This side of formality plays a significant role in honoring the position and qualification of an attorney.

Alternatively, you may ask the attorney for the name they prefer to be addressed in. This option may reduce the complications brought forth by making mistakes.

Professional Communication

Usually, there are two forms of how people address attorneys at the Carrillo Law Center. The verbal and contextual addresses mark the basis for addressing the attorney.

Professionalism is among the primary aspects that lead to people addressing attorneys differently. Here are several ways a person can comfortably address a Personal Injury Attorney.

Formally Address an Attorney as "Mr." or "Ms."

In many cases, salutations for letters and emails are addressed as "Mr." or "Mrs." This form of addressing an attorney is common among many professionals. The initials are always followed by the surname of the person addressed.

Generally, this form of addressing the attorney is ideal, especially, if you've never spoken to a person before. If an individual has an ongoing professional relationship with the attorney, the situation may be different.

For instance, if an attorney is representing you in a court of law, it may be easy to address them with their preferred names. While meeting an attorney for the first time, address them professionally unless they request a non-formal address.

In any case, attorneys are friendly individuals who want the best for everyone. They like it when clients are happy and free to discuss anything with them. The team at Carrillo Law Center makes sure that the client is comfortable and safe in their hands.

Courtesy Title “Esquire”

Using a courtesy title like Esquire is an ideal way of addressing an attorney when writing legal-related matters. Previously, this form of address was used when writing to an attorney representing you in a court of law.

If you wish to use this form, make sure to write the attorney's full name, followed by the "Esq" initials. By using "Esq," you are not required to use Mr. or Mrs. before their official name. Occasionally, attorneys themselves do not use the "Esquire" word on their letterheads.

Addressing as the Attorney at Law

Are you looking for an easy but professional way of addressing an attorney? Well, try out "Attorney at Law" instead of "Esquire." At times, using the courtesy title may seem awkward and stuffy.

Addressing an attorney at law is a good way of conveying honor and respect to a lawyer. At the Carrillo Law Center, we are open to several forms of address. The reason is that we are free to offer our clients the type of assistance they need.

Attorney at law may be used below the attorney's full name. Further, it is a requirement that you add Mr. or Ms. before the first name of the attorney you are addressing.

Adding “JD” Before the Attorney’s Name

The other professional way of addressing an attorney is by adding "JD" after the attorney's name. This academic setting is a licensed form of addressing a law practicing individual.

For instance, our team of professionals at Carrillo Law Center prefers using the initials "JD" rather than "Esquire." Using JD is a form of listing their academic credentials. In many cases, an attorney should not be addressed as a "Dr." even if they have a Ph.D.

The only time you can address a lawyer with a Dr. title is when they also have a medical degree. Ideally, JD is the most professional way to address a high-end lawyer. Alternatively, if the attorney has several qualifications and degrees, it is a requirement that you list all the abbreviations. The acronyms should be listed in order from the highest to the lowest right after their name.

The Social Address

The social way of addressing an attorney is basically a simple but respectful form. There are several ways a person can socially address attorneys at Carrilo2 Law Centre.

Social correspondence does not necessarily require a person to address the attorney formally. Consider using the attorney's first and last name without having to add the courtesy title.

A Typical Courtesy Title

Using a standard courtesy title for social communication is an easy way of connecting with the attorney. While addressing an attorney socially, clients may typically use the Mr. or Ms. acronyms.

This form entirely depends on the client's preference. The acronyms should be followed by the surname of the attorney addressed.

In instances where you are mailing a letter to the lawyer, using this form is appropriate. By using this addressing method, you get to know and understand the attorney relatively well.

Addressing the Lawyer as a Couple

When addressing a lawyer with their spouse socially, you should not use the titles JD or Esq. The word "esquire" is a strong word that should not be used as a social address, whether in writing or person.

You are not required to place an order in their names. Unlike doctors and other professionals that have several ranks, attorneys do not have any ranks. They only specialize in different fields of practice.

For instance, if you are addressing the lawyer and his wife, you place the man's first name followed by the wife's first name and the surname. In a case where the spouse is a doctor, you need to list the doctor's acronym before the other names.

Addressing a Female Attorney Socially

Usually, many married female lawyers prefer using their maiden name in professional matters. However, they do use their spouse's name socially. When addressing such a person, consider using the maiden or other names they prefer.

It is important to consult the female attorneys on the names they prefer rather than addressing them blindly. On the first encounter, use the professional names. She might let you know the other names or the ideal name to use socially.

At Carrillo Law Center, we prefer to address our female lawyers as "Ms.". Many of our professional female lawyers find the Mrs. address outdated. Though other countries may follow different customs, others find the word "Miss" underrated.

The Bottom Line

Addressing an attorney is a vital aspect that forms a foundation of a future relationship. You may be required to constantly talk to the attorney to plan and solve various issues. Over time, you may get to understand each other better and use the social addressing method.

This mode brings the client and the attorney closer as they work together. At, we are grounded in serving our clients diligently. If you have any legal problems, feel free to contact us.

We specialize in various fields, including immigration law, personal injury, criminal defense, and family disputes. Our commitment is to make sure that clients receive the solution and justice they seek.

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