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How a Stockton Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Know the situations in which you should hire a family law attorney.

Personal and family relationships are complex but they are not always supported from a healthy and sustainable areas from the legal point of view.

Some conflicts may exceed your capacity for action and require the establishment of a settlement as soon as possible and others require setting limits to reach healthy agreements. But, sometimes what you need is to form new links that allow you to better develop your life or allow the development of others.

For this reasons, you need to find some type of effective help that provides you with notions or exercises actions that resolve this situation, to continue with the good development of your life.

A family lawyer will become your best ally when you need to exercise your rights and duties in those situations in which current or future relatives are involved.

If you are looking for a family lawyer near you in the Stockton area, with experience and who will be focused on understanding your particular needs, check now the availability of the outstanding professionals that make up Carillo Law Center.

What is a family law lawyer or family lawyer

They are professionals who have specialized in the knowledge of the law, specifically in the areas of family situations.

Family is understood as those relationships established by blood, adoption or affinity kinship, the latter formed through marriage or de facto cohabitation.

In US law there are rules and institutions that regulate these relationships in terms of determining their duties and rights.

A family lawyer is a knowledge of all this legal framework that will help you master the aspects that govern that specific family situation you are going through and will exercise the defense of your rights in the judicial system, when required.

In what situations should you consult a family lawyer?

There are a series of situations in which you should request the help of a family lawyer near you: Family

Regulation by affinity

In this framework, two people of legal age are involved, when both want to start this kind of relationship or at least one of they want to end it. In this area are framed:

  • Civil marriages or de facto unions.

  • Pre and post nuptial agreements.

  • Contentious or mutually agreed divorces, as well as separations.

  • Alimony to spouses.

  • Property separations.

  • Family violence to the spouse.

  • Abortions, family control and artificial conception.

Regulation by consanguinity

Establishes the duties and rights of those involved when there is a biological link, that is, there is a clear relationship of belonging to the same blood ancestry.

Situations that are regulated from this point of view:

  • Custody and parental authority of minors.

  • Food pensions.

  • Regime of visits to minors.

  • Family violence against minors.

Regulation by adoption

Through adoption, a link established by civil law is created, since there are no biological ties between the adopter or adopters and the adoptee or adoptees. Minors are often adopted, but it is also possible to do so with people of legal age.

This civil bond allows the adoptee to acquire the same rights as a son or daughter with blood ties. This approach regulates the entire process of adoption and subsequent control, as well as domestic violence in these cases.

Some aspects of family relationships are carried out in all relationships, such as inheritance, succession, wills and guardianship by blood or affinity.


A family or family law lawyer will be of great support in those situations in which you require advice or assert both your rights and duties within the framework of family relationships, which can be acquired by blood ties or by civil ties such as marriage. , de facto union, adoption or guardianship.

If you are going through a family conflict related to the situations described above, contact the lawyers at Carillo Law Center. There you will find professionals with extensive experience who will become your best collaborators and will guide you on what actions to take to solve that problem that takes your peace of mind right now.

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