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How Much Can I Sue For A Dog Bite?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

While dogs are known to be gentle, calm, and friendly, they can sometimes be dangerous. Dog bites may be potentially distressing to the owner.

Many people tend to be unwilling to compensate for the damages. On many such occasions, the victim seeks justice for compensation.

Dog bites may cause damages, pain and suffering, and trauma. In that case, the dog owner should be held responsible for the inconvenience. By law, the dog's owner should pay medical bills and other remittances.

Things to Do After a Dog Bite

Of course, not all dogs pose an immediate threat to anyone. However, there are several reasons a dog may be triggered to cause harm. Before placing an accusation on the dog's owner, it is ideal to do several things.

The victim should first identify the dog and the dog owner. Ideally, the victim should contact the relevant authorities before suing the accused. The dog owner should share some information with the victim regarding the dog.

To build a legitimate case, the dog's owner should provide the documentation. After the incident, the victim is required to prepare an insurance claim.

Some of the proof needed includes:

· Photos of the dog, place, location

· The injury itself and other details

· Eyewitnesses

· Authority reports such as police and animal control

· The time and day of the incident.

The presence of an attorney is a monetary advantage to make sure that the victim is compensated. At, we specialize in helping victims get their compensation.

Though many dog bite cases may be handled outside court, some insurance companies take advantage of the situation. They end up giving less compensation compared to handling the case in court.

Apparently, people believe that court cases take longer to give final verdicts and compensation. Hence the haste to solve the case outside.

The Dog Bite Law

Usually, dog bite laws vary between some countries and states. All these laws state that the dog's owner is at fault for dog bites and negligence. In this case, the owner is responsible for the attack and compensation.

In other scenarios, state law might protect the dog owner. Though some laws may be challenging to understand, the Carrillo Law Center helps the involved parties understand the law.

We make sure we analyze the situation and take our clients through the requirements.

In some situations, the victim may have limited time to sue the dog owner.

Though some laws may be lenient to add more time, filing the case depends on the depth, location, and severity of the injuries. In other legal specifications, it may become complicated. The victim may be required to seek a professional dog bite lawyer.

At Carrillo Law Center, we have experienced dog bite lawyers that take the victim through various procedures. The team ensures that you get the remittance you deserve. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that justice is served as fast as possible.

Are There Dog Bite Attorneys?

One of the ideal measures to take after getting a dog bite is contacting a specialized Personal Injury Attorney. Though dog bite injuries may be different from other forms of crime, the matter requires justice.

Currently, some lawyers specialize in various fields. One of them is a dog bite attorney. Ideally, the attorney understands various ways of handling various dog bite cases.

The lawyer knows how to deal with various types of insurance coverage and compensation. In this case, health insurance or medical coverage may help pay medical bills.

Such scenarios may require a personal injury attorney. The lawyer helps in ensuring that the insurance company compensates the victim. Typically, the lawyer specializes in dog bite injuries. Therefore, they understand the cost of a dog bite remittance.

The Characteristics of a Dog Bite Case

Normally, dog bite cases focus more on the issue's legitimacy. The severity of the dog bite injuries may require some serious medical assessment and insurance coverage.

In this case, the dog owner should contact the insurance company to render the needed assistance to the victim.

Many people that are caught up in dog bite cases prefer to solve the issue outside of court. If the settlement is justly negotiated and fully fulfilled, it may not be of any importance to take the issue to court.

The primary feature of compensating for a dog bite issue is making sure that the insurance company remits the victim.

Though the treatment option may vary from case to case, it is ideal to seek guidance. A major injury does not necessarily require expensive treatment.

Expensive treatment is a factor that may affect the case and several limitations. Various states and countries have several regulations regarding dog bite cases.

The Carrillo Law Center helps the victim to file the case on time. Furthermore, our team solves some ground issues easily that may lead to a delayed case.

Does a Dog Owner Have a Liability?

Absolutely yes, dog owners have a liability. The main liability concerns of a dog owner may include:

· Negligence liability laws

· Dog bite law statutes

· One-bite liability rule

A dog bite law on statutes is a common liability where the dog owner pays for the damages caused. The one-bite liability rule indicates that the victim should provide proof of the case through evidence.

This is to show that the accused dog owner is the rightful master. On the other hand, the negligence liability law states that the dog owner acted negligently by leaving the dog to roam around. This may be especially legit when the attack happens outside the owner's compound.

All these liability attributes can be applied to any dog bite case. Though these liabilities may be confusing, both parties need to have personal attorneys to help navigate the way forward. Our attorneys help clients understand the liability laws and other dog bite cases.

So, How Much Can I Sue in a Dog Bite Case

Typically, not all dog attack cases lead to severe injuries or even critical monetary damages. Filing a lawsuit in a dog bite case could cost the dog owner a fortune. Some of the monetary body issues that may be caused by a dog bite may include:

· A permanent disability that may lead to a settlement of up to $200,000.

· Emergency medical care or attention may be catered for by the dog owner's medical cover.

· Visible scars and body disfigurations may attract a settlement of up to $100,000.

· Mental disorder, distress, or trauma. The dog owner should make sure that the victim gets ideal therapy and counseling.

The charges may vary depending on the severity of the dog bite injury. An injury victim requires proper compensation to help with sorting out pending bills, family expenses, damage, and lost wages.

Reach Out to Our Team for Dog Bite Case Assistance

A dog bite case seems like an uncomplicated issue that may not require a legal solution. It may, however, be challenging when the dog owner is not ready or is unwilling to compensate the victim. This means that the dog master should also consult with personal injury lawyers.

Make sure you reach out to our team of experts for consultation, advice, and legal help. Our specialized team of personal injury attorneys and dog bite lawyers makes sure that justice is served. The lawyers help the clients understand the dog bite law and other requirements. Additionally, our lawyers give you a quote and an average settlement for several issues.

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