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Red Light Running Accidents

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Accidents of various types occur frequently around us. One of the most common accidents results from running a red light. Are you aware of what a red-light running accident is? It is an accident that occurs when a vehicle enters an intersection when the light has turned red.

The event may become traumatizing for the victims and their families. There is a lot of emotional turmoil and financial consequences of the accident. Unfortunately, few people know what to do after such an accident happens. Most people leave the scene of the accident to nurse their injuries personally. They are oblivious to their legal rights and the route they should take to get compensated.

Read on to find out what legal options you have to pursue such a case. The cases vary from severe injuries to even death. Luckily, we at Carrillo Law Center specialize in handling accident cases related to running a red light.

What are the Dangers Associated with Running Red Lights?

Yes, we get late to work, occasions, or events, but does that mean we run a red light? Definitely no. Unfortunately, most people in a hurry run red lights with disregard for other road users. This is very unfortunate since the result is always catastrophic.

The potential for accidents goes up when in a hurry. Should you injure someone or wreck your car and property, you bear the legal cost. The dangers of running red lights are injuries to the involved parties. Furthermore, the accident destroys property. The accident victims should reach out to us at We specialize in handling legal issues from accidents resulting from running red lights.

Why Do People Run Red Lights?

Sadly, most drivers admit to running red lights occasionally. Sometimes the incident happens when the car in front takes time to move when the light turns red. To others, the adrenalin kicks in to attempt to beat the yellow light. It always ends in misjudgment of the light. So, what causes this move and eventually running the red lights?

Simply, most people are impatient or are in a hurry. Before you step on the gas, ask yourself if it is worth it. Is your rush worth the time? You don't want to make one wrong move that may lead to severe injuries or death. Sadly, some people have disregard for others and don't care at all. They believe no one is watching, so they can get away with the accident. That is not the case, as many may think. The move is highly irresponsible, and the risk is not worth it.

Other people run red lights due to over speeding. The vehicle comes at such a high speed that stopping on time becomes impossible.

A driver is faced with the decision of whether to apply instant breaks when approaching a red light. The risk of instant breaking is an internal accident to the driver. Running the red lights risks other road users. The only hope a driver has is that there is no oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, there is not much time since a driver must decide in the blink of an eye. A wrong move can result in catastrophe for everyone on the road at the time of the accident. Some incidences result from a simple failure to see the light itself. Many things may lead to this lapse in concentration. For instance, being drunk, using your device, zoning out, and unclear lights location.

What should you do when you run a red light which leads to an accident? Since there is a danger to the driver, passengers, and others on the road, seek help where necessary. Legal issues may emerge depending on the severity of the accident. When reaching out to the police and health officers, call on Carrillo Law Center Motorcycle Injury Attorney to come in. We review the events leading up to the accident before discussing the best route forward.

What Are the Results of a Running Red Light?

In many cases, running a red light may lead to severe outcomes. Though drivers have a split-second decision, they have an altered ability to calculate the probabilities. That decision may result in issues that may lead to severe consequences.

a. They cause Significant Injuries.

Usually, running a red light causes significant injuries compared to other forms of accidents. Typically, running a red light is at a higher rate than speeding. Unfortunately, some drivers do not pay attention to the red light before crossing the traffic. In most red-light cases, the result of the accident is a T-bone collision. This type of accident is whereby one car hits one side of another car. Such an angular collision may cause severe injuries to the involved parties.

b. Heavy Fatality Outcomes

Red-light running can cause heavy and complicated fatalities. This is due to the severity of the accident. Many people have died because of red-light running, according to statistics. The car crashes may involve several cars, therefore leading to unbearable accidents. Upholding red light rules and safety measures are necessary to make sure that every road user is safe. At times, the accident may be caused by just one negligent person. It is ideal to stay cautious when using a red light.

c. Law-Related Punishments

Though the law treats red-light running as aggressive driving, it may reflect some negligence. Health and safety are aspects that drivers should consider before making red light decisions. Being cautious of the environment and the people you are putting to danger may trigger the mind. Severe sanctions and other penalties are some punishments you may face.

What Happens When an Accident Results from Running a Red Light?

You get involved in a running red-light accident; do you know what happens next? Of course, you need to call us at Carrillo Law Center to take up the matter. Below are other events that take place:

· The driver violates their duty of care for other road users.

· The driver may lose their insurance.

· The driver and their insurance company are liable to pay for the damage.

· There is a possibility of criminal prosecution of the driver. Yet, the driver may receive a traffic citation.

How to Avoid Red Light Accidents

If you don't want to be our opponent in court due to a case, we brought against you, avoid red light accidents. Do all that you can, within your power, to stay safe on the road. Do the following:

  • Practice breaking the habit of red-lights running.

  • Engage the correct speed when driving.

  • Be aware of the traffic flow around you.

  • Watch out for lights at the intersections. Pause and wait before you move away from an intersection.

Call Carrillo Law Center for Assistance

Whatever you do on the road, be alert because the cameras are always watching. Most importantly, life takes precedence over everything else. You must not let your guard down to avoid otherwise avoidable accidents. Some accidents cause radical and irreversible life changes. The victims and their families bear the brunt of your carelessness and recklessness.

A ray of hope exists for the accident victims of running red lights. At Carrillo Law Center, we come in handy for all clients. Whenever you experience or your loved ones go through such an accident, reach out to us. We have a ready team of legal professionals at your service. Don't panic when the accident happens. Relax. We take charge of everything.

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