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Safe Or Fatal? The Controversy Over Tesla’s Autopilot Feature

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

When the company articulates that the autopilot feature makes its cars more secure, the crash victims say it kills. So, who is responsible?

Tesla's autopilot feature is controversial in many countries currently. Most stakeholders argue that there's no car in the world today that can operate fully autonomous from the driver. The electric car maker, however, is of a different world view.

A Munich court ruled that Tesla misrepresented the vehicle's autonomy to consumers in July 2020.The Center to Protect Against Unfair Competition asserted that the company delivered fewer of its promises.

The court banned Tesla Germany from including "autopilot inclusive" in advertising materials and websites. The question is who is to blame for the failure of the artificial intelligence systems that malfunction in these cars. For such legal jargon, the Carrillo Law Centre is a qualified partner in business.

Is It the Company Or The User?

According to Tesla, the autopilot feature's design enables the car to steer, accelerate, or brake automatically within its lane. This technology is powered by advanced sensor coverage of eight cameras providing 360 degrees of visibility.

These cameras cover up to a range of 250 meters around the car. With its twelve sensors, this equipment enables the detection of both hard and soft objects. These machines are updated continuously to increase productivity.

But when an AI installation fails, is it the company’s fault or the user? At, we make sure that justice is served to the person or company at fault.

Tesla’s Autopilot Fatalities

The fatalities at Tesla have become a prevalent aspect that has affected many workers. For instance, the very first reported pedestrian deaths due to Tesla's autopilot malfunctions was in 2018.

A lawsuit was filed against the company in the US District of Northern California in this regard. The lawsuit alleged that a Tesla Model X struck a pedestrian to death while on autopilot mode.

In a second incident, a similar suit was filed by the family of a 50-year-old man who died in a fatal crash. The accident happened while using the advanced driver assistance system.

The Tesla Model X crashed into an off-ramp divider, causing this accident. The family sued for a wrongful death and damages amounting to up to $15,000.

In San Francisco, California, a Tesla Model 3 slammed into a pickup in 2019, killing a 15-year-old. The family filed a lawsuit based on driver negligence and the failure of Tesla's autopilot system.

To date, there have been over eleven cases reported against the AI system used by Tesla. All these issues call for legal assistance to get justice and remittance for the lost lives and damage.

At Callirro2 Law Centre, we specialize in such cases that cause wrongful deaths and damages. We will ensure the victim and the family of the deceased receive the justice they deserve.

Tesla’s Defense

Not once has Tesla heaped liability on the human driver behind the wheel. The company holds the position that the driver is the captain of the ship. This position then ultimately leaves the driver to bear responsibility for any car crashes solely.

Tesla assumes this point regardless of whether Autopilot was engaged or not in the event of the accident. In that sense, the company seems to deny liability and responsibility for their system's failures.

Most people argue from a contrary standpoint. The autopilot system, once engaged, gives the drivers a false sense that the car is driving itself. When the AI system fails to drive the vehicle safely, an accident is likely to occur. This defect is construed as a failure on the company's side.

The CEO has lately come out to emphasize that the current autopilot features require active supervision. The conclusion thus follows that the vehicle is not autonomous.

Tesla, however, still markets and sells their cars as coming with advanced software that provides full self-driving capabilities.

Why then attribute failures to driver complacency? Who then is liable for damages and losses caused when using autopilot driver assistance? Call for the appropriate advice and to hire a Best Personal Injury Attorney in Stockton from the Carrillo Law Center in the event of such legal needs.

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The advent of technology is perhaps the most outstanding of all times. The effort towards automation is tremendous but comes with some concerns, like job losses. Legal guidance is needed on this now more than ever before.

Extensive consultations are additionally indisputable to regulate the operations of these companies. It is the right time to engage credible attorneys from Carrillo Law Center for the best legal services.

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