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What Are The Types Of Domestic Violence That You Should Know?

In any country, the issue of domestic violence is always running rampant. The worst thing about domestic violence is that it doesn’t only happen to couples or partners, but also towards children and even to the elderly. Another common misunderstanding that many people have about domestic violence is that it is a general term that covers all sorts of abuse and maltreatment within the household. The truth is, there are a few types of domestic violence which everyone should be aware of. Knowing what these types are would help a person who is being held victim to such abuse cope up with the specific abuse. It would also help others determine the right treatment as well as help to give for the abused.

So, what are the types of domestic violence?

Here are the specific types of domestic violence that all should be aware of to have the proper treatment and help.

Physical violence – what people usually think of domestic violence as physical violence. This is for the physical injuries that are usually incurred by victims or those that have been abused. Physical violence is the most prominent and common type of domestic violence and it usually involves physical injuries or damage to the body of the victim. While some physical violence leads to minor injuries, some are detrimental.

Sexual violence – another common type of domestic violence is sexual violence wherein the partner or the member of the family is forced to have sexual intercourse with the aggressor or abuser. This kind of violence usually happens especially for a partner who doesn’t want to have sexual intimacy with the other, and the other thinks that he or she is being degraded in the relationship. Being rejected and degraded, the person resorts to abuse – usually physical violence. Forcing the other person for sexual activity immediately means rape since there is no consent from both parties.

Emotional violence or abuse – compared to physical and sexual violence, emotional violence doesn’t show any sign of abuse to the body. It doesn’t show any sign of aggression or injury to the victim however the damage or hurt is done through emotions which often leads to stress, depression, tension, which can often lead to illness. Many abusers today understand that they’ll be in big trouble if they attack the victim physically which is why they use words or actions instead. Among the common tools for emotional violence include name-calling, harassment and embarrassment in the public, diminishing ones’ self-esteem or self-worth, isolation from others, and so much more. While this kind of domestic violence seems harmless, it is the most dangerous kind because the effects last for a longer time and it can change the personality as well as the behavior of the victim.

Spiritual violence or abuse – another kind of abuse involves preventing the victim from practicing his or her spiritual ventures and religious practices. Faith is a sensitive topic and many people are willing to do whatever it takes to force a person to go with their faith – even if they resort to violence. When a partner or a person does not agree with the other’s faith, they are usually threatened by the abuser and sometimes resort to physical as well as emotional violence.

Financial abuse – a person can also be prone to domestic violence by using his or her finances. This kind of violence happens when the abuser takes control of the funds or finances of the victim. The abuser restricts any spending or transaction made by the abused. By taking hold of their finances, the abuser can prevent the victim from escaping their grip. Among the common financial abuse cases, instances include: withholding credit cards, stealing money from the partner, limiting food and other necessities at home, preventing the other to go to work, and many others that are related to money.

Stalking – another form of domestic violence is when the abuser intends to follow the victim wherever he or she will go. While this kind of violence may seem harmless, it invades a person’s privacy. Also, a stalker can access all daily habits as well as routines that can be used to inflict harm and danger to the victim.

These are only the common and popular types of domestic violence that we should be aware of to assess the possible occurrence of abuse and to know which kind of help we should provide to the victim. If you want to hire a domestic violence attorney in stockton, you can go online.

How to deal with domestic violence

Now that you’ve come to know the kinds of domestic violence, how can deal with the abuse? Regardless if you’re dealing with the abuse or if you know of someone who needs help with it, these few considerations may prove to be useful.

The first is to seek help from a professional. Regardless of your knowledge and skills in approaching a situation, it is always best to seek the advice and guidance of someone who is well-knowledgeable and skilled in such matters. Not only will doing this ensure your safety but also the safety and betterment of the abuser as well.

Ask for help from friends or family. If seeking professional help may not be an immediate or practical option, you can always resort to asking for help from friends or family members. Friends in common are particularly a good option to run to for help since they are also aware of the conditions and behaviors of the abuser.

Keep distance. Next is to keep your distance away from the abuser. Tension usually happens when both parties are close to each other – and it is when physical violence usually happens. However, you should remember not to limit communication as this can further worsen the situation.

Last but not least is to confront the issue. If you are able, you can also confront the abuser about the issue. Make sure that the setting, as well as timing, is right to avoid aggravating the situation.

Domestic violence is a serious concern that every household is dealing with today. it is certainly something that one doesn’t want to be part of since not only does cause injury and harm to a family – it can also destroy it. If you’re looking for professional help for cases of domestic violence, simply call us up through our number of check us out on our website at carrillo2 and we’ll gladly help you.

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