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What Is Domestic Violence And How Does It Differ From Abuse?

"Domestic violence" and "domestic abuse" are used in news related stories to describe physical violence committed between people who are married, who live together, or are who are generally dating. Certain legal definitions of domestic violence and domestic abuse are often general in terms of both the type of conduct and type of relationships that fall within the definitions of domestic violence and domestic abuse. Although some states use the term domestic violence while others use domestic abuse, the terms describe similar conduct.

Although the use of terms domestic violence and domestic abuse can vary the terms are used to describe lookalike conduct. For example, in identifying when a police officer must arrest someone suspected of domestic abuse, a certain statute defines "domestic abuse" as any of the following when committed against a current or former spouse, a person who resides or resided with the abuser, or against an adult who has a child in common with the abuser:

  • the intentional infliction of physical pain, injury, or illness

  • the intentional infliction of physical impairment

  • a physical act that may cause a person to fear imminent infliction of injury, or

  • sexual assault

So, what is domestic violence?

While domestic violence victims commonly apply to women, men, children, and even old people who can also become victims. According to research and studies, domestic violence is the most common cause of physical injuries in most homes. It also affects the overall health of a person including his or her emotions as well as mental health. Unfortunately, it is not a visible issue because the victims usually stay quiet about it, as they are threatened with more physical abuse should they speak about it. Another cause why people are unable to identify and even know of a case of domestic violence is simply because they are unaware of how to identify it. So, how exactly do we know if one case is a case of domestic violence?

For the case of the one receiving domestic violence, you would be able to know if you are a victim of these things are happening to you:

  • You are being accused by your partner of having an affair when clearly, you’re not.

  • You are constantly criticized for what you do and how you look, along with verbal abuse.

  • You are being threatened for your life and the life of someone close to you.

  • You are shamed and screamed at in public and you are made to feel small.

  • Your finances and spending are being controlled.

  • You have limited time with friends, co-workers, and even relatives.

  • Physical abuse like punching, slapping, choking, pushing, and even when things are thrown at you.

  • You are being forced to have sexual intercourse.

Now, these are only some of the common signs of domestic violence and while these signs don’t immediately lead to domestic violence, it is important that every sign is carefully assessed and studied by a professional to determine if it is a case that needs help.

Should you be enduring these signs for so long and not knowing if it’s a case of domestic violence, you must seek the advice of a professional domestic violence attorney in stockton immediately to avoid consequences later on. The earlier you deal with the problem, the fewer problems you face later on.

Difference between domestic violence with abuse

Domestic violence is more common in women than in men. Among the usual acts of domestic violence include sexual, physical as well as emotional abuse. It is the wrong treatment within domestic relationships.

“Abuse” on the other hand, is a general term that is used not only for people but also for non-living things. Such as abuse of drugs, abuse of power, and so on. It simply refers to the wrong use or implementation of something. For the case of wrong treatment of relationships within a family, it would be more appropriate to call it domestic violence rather than abuse.

How to keep yourself safe from domestic violence

Now comes the question, how can you keep yourself or someone you know from domestic violence. Here are a few important things to bear in mind.

Find refuge

The first thing that you can do if you’re a victim of domestic violence is to find a refuge. It could be a shelter, a home, or any place that would serve as temporary accommodation while the domestic issue is being dealt with. If staying at home doesn’t resolve the problem why not consider staying away for the meantime until the problem settles.

Go to relatives or friends

Another is to stay with your trusted friends, family, or relatives. Whenever a married couple is dealing with issues, a person that they will always run to would be their friends or families. Staying with friends or relatives can help relieve your stress – and you won’t have to bother much about your temporary accommodation.

Seek professional help

Last but not the is not least would be to seek professional help. While family and friends may be able to help you deal with the emotional stress that domestic violence brings, it does not solve the problem. However, with the guidance of a professional, you can make sure that the problem is dealt with from the inside and out. Professionals are also able to help you even after the problem has been solved.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic violence, it is important to act now to avoid any serious consequences later on. If you need professional help, simply contact us through our website so we can assist you thoroughly.

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