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Why Hire An Attorney in Stockton, CA

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Tittle: Ralph Carrillo: personal injury attorney in Stockton

Someone said that you cannot love what you do not know, nor defend what you do not love. Knowing both the satisfaction that riding a motorcycle produces and the risks that entails, the lawyer Rafael Carrillo decided to combine his great passion for motorcycles with his other passion: helping people, and thus became a personal injury attorney. Rafael Carrillo graduated from the McGeorge School of Law of the University of the Pacific in 2012. After

working at Miller Law Corporation as a managing attorney, he decided to found the Carrillo Law Center in his hometown, Stockton, California.

During the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 Rafael was recognized as one of the Top 10 Personal Injury Lawyers by the American Institute of Personal Injury Lawyers and Distinguished Lawyers. He currently directs the Carrillo Law Center and has more than 10 years of experience in the area of personal injury law.

At the Carrillo Law Center we have a network of lawyers dedicated to different branches of law, including lawyers specialized in accidents, immigration, criminal defense, family and others.

Why hire an accident lawyer?

Accidents happen, this is undeniable. But some collateral outcomes of the accident, such as health insurance coverage, compensation and other legal aspects can change depending on the lawyer who represents you. So, hiring a lawyer who has experience in the area can make a difference.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

Driving under the influence (DUI), assault, drug possession, robbery are charges considered felonies in most states and therefore it is essential to hire a lawyer who specializes in these areas.

Why hire a family law attorney?

A family law attorney is the specialist in cases of marriage, divorce, custody of children or adoptions, establishment of alimony (maintenance of the spouse), marital property and the division of property after a divorce or legal separation. In all these cases, hiring a California family law attorney can ensure that you get a fair deal.

Why hire an immigration attorney?

Immigration processes are complex and the laws that govern them can change suddenly, so hiring an immigration lawyer is your best option if you want to legally migrate to the United States. In the Carrillo Law Center we have specialized attorney in any of these cases, contact us through our website or by phone 209-900-2100. And remember that at Carrillo Law Center we offer legal advice in both English and Spanish.

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