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Why hire an Accident Attorney in Stockton, CA?

Why hire an Accident Attorney in Stockton, CA?

Find out how a car accident attorney can help you and what actions you should take if you are involved in car accident in the 209 area of California.

Did you have an auto accident in Stockton, California? Seek the advice of an accident lawyer immediately, because you can end up getting taken advantage by listening to the insurance companies and accepting their unfair payments only to discover you have lifelong pain and the compensation isn't justified.

Car accidents have increased over the last two years in the United States. The causes seem to be associated with the fact that there is less traffic on the streets due to the measures adopted by the pandemic, which is why many drivers travel at excessively high speeds.

According to proven data, collisions increased 21% more than in 2020 and 19% more than in 2019.

But, the affected party is not always aware of all the rights required before the insurance companies regarding personal injuries, as well as damages to third parties and their properties.

This lack of knowledge is often used by insurers to reduce their payouts. It is also possible that they use practices of all kinds to influence your decision and that you accept agreements that will harm you not only in the present, but also in the near future.

After an event like this, it is best to let yourself be advised by reliable legal professionals who are proficient in this type of situation, so that you obtain the guarantees that and compensation that you deserve to you by law.

Consult the experts at Carrillo Law Center in Stockton, CA, they will be in charge of assisting you in those complex moments so that you obtain fair compensation that offers you financial support for the current and future consequences that may result from this fact.

How an Accident Lawyer in Stockton, California can help you

An expert auto accident lawyer will help you, in case you are affected, to present claims that guarantee fair and timely compensation related to medical bills, wages, physical and psychological treatments , in addition to the repair or replacement of your vehicle.

Even if you are underinsured, uninsured, or an immigrant, you have rights that can be enforced with the help of a trusted professional attorney like the ones you will get at Carrillo Law Center in Stockton, CA.

These are professionals specialized in the areas of personal injury and civil liability applicable to car accidents. Therefore, they have a broad domain not only of court procedures but also of the forms of action presented by insurance companies.

Generally speaking, a auto accident attorney will assist you with:

Understanding the Legal Situation

The laws governing personal injury and liability are very specific and change depending on the type of vehicle involved in the accident.

Therefore, the expert lawyer will study the case to determine which side the negligent action was on and will advise you on the concepts that must be covered by the insurance companies, in case you have been harmed by the fault of a third party.

This will help you understand your rights, even as an immigrant, and not fall into unfair agreements with insurers.

Obtaining a Fair

Settlement Getting to this point requires gathering evidence such as police reports, photos, witness statements, and other pertinent items to support your case. The claim must also be presented contemplating all aspects of the legislation in such a way that there are no doubts about its validity.

In the event that the insurance company wishes to reach an agreement, the car accident lawyer will establish the non-negotiable terms that provide you with the benefit to cover the current and future consequences of this fact.

Assistance in case of lawsuit against the insurer

If the insurer does not want to comply with the guidelines of the law, the accident lawyer will assist you in court and will advise you on what actions must be undertaken to achieve compensation.

This is not the most common case, since insurance companies often reach agreements. But, in the same way, taking them to the point of conviction is hard work because they will fight to reduce the need for payments for any reason.

Defense in case of accusation for death or damage to property

One of the most latent risks in these situations is that the victim ends up being accused of damages due to the negligence of third parties. Therefore, if this is the case, the car accident lawyer will organize and execute your defense, in such a way that it is not possible to assign you criminal responsibilities that must be assumed by others.

The attorneys at Carrillo Law Center in Stockton, CA are prepared to accompany you at any stage of the process.

What to do in case of a car accident in Stockton, California?

If you have just had a car accident in Stockton, we recommend you take the following actions:

1.- Try to identify the context of the event as

On many occasions, some criminal gangs carry out controlled impacts on other vehicles to force them to stop and thus carry out other illegal actions against you or your property.

Therefore, it evaluates the context. If you are in a busy environment and everything seems to indicate that it is a real action, you should stop and stay on the site otherwise you can face serious accusations.

2.- Call the authorities and your lawyer

In this type of accident, if you feel in good condition and can help others, do so. But, try to call 911 first so that everyone involved can receive assistance and also call the police to report the incident.

It is important that you call a car accident lawyer, since he will be in charge of carrying out all the pertinent investigations for your safety and well-being.

3.- Get a medical check-up

Even if you feel in perfect health, sometimes the consequences of road accidents are not observed in the first few hours. Therefore, let the doctors and paramedics do their job to check for any possible conditions.

4.- Obtain information about what happened

If you are still not in the presence of your trusted lawyer and you have the opportunity to listen to information provided by witnesses and take photos about the situation in general, then do it.

But, do not issue opinions that can be used against you. Call your car accident lawyer at Carrillo Law Center Accident Attorney's in California, so that he can take care of the evidentiary details, while you dedicate your time to recover from any physical and psychological consequences produced by this fact.


Car accidents have increased in recent years for multiple reasons. If you have been the victim of an event like this in Stockton and you have not requested the support of a car accident lawyer, you may not obtain all the compensation required by law.

Car accident lawyers specialize not only in aspects related to personal injuries, but also in civil liability or damages to third parties. In general terms, with the assistance of this professional you will be able to:

  • Better understand the legal situation in which you find yourself.

  • Get an agreement with the precise benefits for your case.

  • Obtain assistance in case of requiring legal action against the insurer.

  • Exercise your defense in case of any type of accusation.

During an event like this you should:

  • Identify the context of the event.

  • Call the authorities and a lawyer.

  • Get a medical checkup.

  • Obtain as much information as possible about the event without issuing any type of opinion.

Consult the attorneys at Carrillo Law Center in Stockton, California and get a free and completely confidential initial consultation, even if your insurance is expired, insufficient, or you are an immigrant. 916-209-900-2100.


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